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Muruganandam M
Einsteein Bio-Engineering Research Foundation, India, India

Muruganandam M has completed MSc, PhD in Zoology and specialization in Biotechnology. He has interested in bacterial vaccine development research. He has published more than hundred publication including ten books. His publications are cited in various databases of more than ten countries. He has an Editorship in twelve international journals.


Leucocytes protect us from various invading pathogens. In the leucocytes population, polymorphic neutrophils and lymphocytes have a major role in fighting against pathogens. In this study, the important bacterial components and their effects on leucocytes production was reviewed and also discussed. Many bacterial components increases leucocytes production which are inactivated cells, various peptides, nucleotides and their fragments etc. The normal and mutant inactivated cells are also induced to increase the production of leucocytes population. There are different types of proteins which are also inducing leucocytes production. These important proteins are inactivated toxin protein, Heat stress proteins etc. In the nucleotides, Genomic DNA, Plasmid DNA and their fragments are induced to produce more leucocytes. If researchers use all these bio molecules in appropriate level, it leads to act as good immunostimulants and also act as vaccine immunogens.

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